By Josh Thomas and J.J. Kelley

This goat is tired of cold, restless nights, and is contemplating suicide.

Months ago, when we started planning to follow the Ganges River, we knew then that we wanted to do more than just have an adventure. It couldn’t just be about us…it needed to be about something bigger.  But what?

During our two months on the Ganga we’ve been looking for answers. We owe endless gratitude to the 400 million people and countless animals that depend on Ganga.  It’s been a lot of brainstorming, but we’ve finally done it!

We are very proud to announce our best idea. A non-profit started by us:  “Happy Hooves.”  “Happy Hooves” is our commitment to provide warm sweaters to all the goats in Northern India.  Winters here can be harsh.  Nighttime temps sometimes drop as low as 50F.  By Indian standards that’s kind of cold.  It’s nothing to warrant a parka, but definitely a nice cardigan.

The idea came to us through close observations of this new world that surrounds us.  We couldn’t help but notice the hopeless expressions on some of the goats we met. “That’s just how goats look,” Our cameraman, Dave, kept saying. 

We noticed that not all of the goats looked so glum; some where happy.  But why?  It quickly became obvious.  All the happy ones were wearing sweaters or sweater-vests.  In India, goats are over-shadowed by the Holy Cow and we want to let the goats know that as Americans, we care.

This goat is happy, relaxed, and knows that people really do care.

We can’t do it all by ourselves, though.  We’ve partnered with designer “Manoj Lauren” and “Little Hands,” a small manufacturing company which is taking some big steps.  “Little Hands” is a group of children volunteering to personally knit every sweater. Because the child-staff are all volunteers, all the profits go directly to naked
goats. Unfortunately, their donations are not enough.

If you want to help, you can purchase our last film, Paddle to Seattle.

Thanks in advance.